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About world of warcraft, aowow and databases

world of warcraft

World of warcraft short name wow. Game is very popular and everyday wow playing a lot of people worldwide. If you new in world of warcraft – you need a character, or avatar name it like you want. While creating you hero first of all you need choose race – how your hero will looks like. You can choose from thousands of variables. Second, you need choose class for your avatar – class mean: what your character will do best. Choose anything what you want but remember, you will live with it, so try to choose careful, maybe ream some forums or wiki about wow.

Worldofwarcraft its easy to undersrant and simple to play. Its enough computer like pc or mac, keyboard and mouse. There are few buttons which help you move your hero, and mouse which help make some action. When you start wow, you will see action bar, spellbook, resources, quests and more. You will see map and other stuff in game and when you start understand all the things, then world of warcraft become best game for you. We have writed one post about wow before, you find there some cool info: hearthstone pwn. I recommend to read maybe you will find some cool info there too.

So, when wow become cool for you, you have started to understand quests, resources, maps your hero and other players characters, then you will start need more info about game. Thats why AoWoW database will be required to you. I dont say this site is best place, you can find a lot of other useful things on internet, but i recommend it use, cause it simple, without ads and friendly for new users.

So, in aowow, you will find such great info about wow database:

  • items: weapons, armors, quests, keys and more.
  • npc: demons, critters, giants, dragonkin and more.
  • quests: raids, classes, professions and more.
  • spells: skills, talents and more.

Okay im lazy to write, you will see in aowow all info which you need, this site like world of warcraft wikipedia. Or maybe better, cause you can start make some money with this site. I want say thanks for aowow, cause we find idea, niche and strategy how to simple start make some money with wow and aowow site while playing game. Thats easy steps how, if you want know more please download our step by step tutorial about game, this method, maybe it will help not only with this game but and similar too. Dont forget to get back and say thanks to our team. Download link about aowow and money tutorial in top of page. Bye!