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What kind of game is League of Legends?


So, we will try to write full post about League of Legends game or app, sites like lolnexus, we will give best downloads and some numbers or facts. So Lets begin:

Some short facts about League of Legends:

  • League of Legends short name is LoL.
  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Devices: PC, Mac.
  • Released: 2009, Autumn.
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 1 000 000
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 33 000 000
  • Countries where popular lol: United states of America, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Turkey.

So its some short facts about this online game, but if you want only with few words about this web app, so: huge traffic, strong countries – perfect game. It must be something like this.

But if you are noob, or sorry, newbie, league of legends is multiplayer online web game. You thinked web? Yes it is. Its like travian but much much better.

LoL have almost 3D view, its enough internet and web browser, sometimes better will be if riot games could develop and app for phones or tablets, but i dont think so they will for few reasons:

  1. Here must will be keyboard.
  2. In game must be mouse.
  3. LoL must have big screen resolution.

Thats why game developers never will create this game for any small kids, for androids or apples. 🙂


Lol game modes:

  • Summoners Rift mode
  • Twisted Treeline mode
  • Howling Abyss mode

Every League of Legends game mode have some minus and plus, but every is perfect for players and you will choose which better and more fun for you. Every mode playing time is between 15 minutes and 1 hour. In game you need good strategy and skills to go forward and bypass turrets and towers, then just only left destroy top building in the enemy arena which is called – Nexus. You think easy? Its not, but fun!

So its easy idea about game, 2 teams come, fight and destroy nexus. If you still not playing one of the most words in you vocabulary will be like: summoner, tanks, mages, assassins, marksmen, lol, nexus and similar. 🙂

If you still not playing g and find more info in lol wiki, or jut go to official league of legends site and start play!


All what you need to know about LoLNexus site


Whats the different between lolnexus and other alternative apps or sites? This site is live. You can find everything, games, ranks and more in live action. Similar sites have almost same functions and features, but not in live mode. In site enough to enter any summoner details, and you can check your, friends or top players games in live. In site you can find build and skill orders from your friends or other top players, which will help you a lot of in the future games and league of legends fights. And almost forget, in lolnexus you will see such great feature where you can search summoners by are whey playing lol like in: euw, mmr, eune, brazil, turkey and more!

Some facts and numbers about lolnexus site:

  • Daily Unique Visitors: 150 000
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 4 500 000
  • Monthly search in google: 1 500 000
  • Domain:

these numbers tell everything about lolnexus site quality.

But there you will never ever will find some info, methods or tutorials which have – how to make money with site. Read below how!


How to make money with lolnexus?

lolnexus league of legends

So last chapter, how to make money with lolnexus and how i did?

Our team have tested this method and it working. Dont need any cheats, hacks or similar not legal things, dont need any apps or apk download. Its just one more niche and you will see how easy it is and how you missed it from your eyes! We have uploaded pdf tutorial, which is step by step. There you you will find easy steps to start earn some money with lolnexus site.

I think our tutorial about nexus will help not only with league of legends game, but you will see some possibilities with other games and not for web, but with appstore or google play games and apps even if you use only mobile or tablet. So download our tutorial and you will see how easy to make money with nexus or other games in easy way.

Good luck and see ya soon! 🙂